Thorpe Menn Literary Excellence Award Luncheon – Oct. 1

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2016 Thorpe Menn Literary Excellence Award Nominees:


From the Guys Who Were There by Bill Althaus
Fountain and Furnace by Hadara Bar-Nadav
Thanks for Noticing: The Interpretation of Desire by Vern Barnet
Adam’s Needle by Beth Lyon Barnett
The Saturday Night Massacre: What Really Happened on October 20, 1973 by James K. Davis
Canoeing the Great Plains: A Missouri River Summer by Patrick Dobson
Screaming Times by Natasha Ria El-Scari
The Reluctant Warrior: The Journey Begins by Charley Green
Racism in Kansas City: A Short History by G.S. Griffin
Jubilee Manor by Bethany Hagen
Life’s Too Short for Anything but Love and 101 Other Musings, Essays and Sundry Pieces by Bob Hill
Born a Slave: Rediscovering Arthur Jackson’s African American Heritage by David W. Jackson
Poverty, Prison, Positive by Rachel Leonard
Carried Home by Heather Manning
The 116: The True Story of Abraham Lincoln’s Lost Guard by James P. Muehlberger
Fieldhouse by Scott Novosel
Callahan Crossroads by Anola Pickett
The Sweden File: Memoir of an American Expatriate by Alan Robert Proctor
Ireland’s Weather by Susan Rieke
The Pebble: Life, Love, Politics and Geezer Wisdom by Mark Scheel
Snootchie Woogums Presents… by Christopher Vaughan
Decker’s Dilemma by Jack Ambraw
The Boy Who Became Buffalo Bill: Growing up Billy Cody in Bleeding Kansas by Andrea Warren
Armageddon Paradox by P.F. Winkler

Click here for event details and to purchase tickets or go to the Events tab at the top of the page and click on “Thorpe Menn.”


Marian McClellan, President
Linda Berube, President-Elect
Stephanie Holthaus, Past President
Sara Pedram, Co-Program Vice President
Judith McGonegle, Co-Program Vice President
Stefanie Hatfield, Membership Vice President
Wanda Perkins, Secretary
Nicky Stanke, Finance Officer and Communications Chair
Doretta Perna, Funds Chair
Kay Engler, Funds Co-Chair
Ellen Johnson, Finance Chair, 100 High School Girls/Thorpe Menn Co-Chair and Irene Wagy Fund Chair
Patti Jachowicz, College/University Chair, Re-Entry Chair and Women’s Center Liaison
Carrie Maidment, Newsletter/Website Designer and Editor, Thorpe Menn Co-Chair
Janice McIntyre, AAUW-KCKCC Liaison
Teri Wichman, 100 High School Girls Co-Chair
Riva Capellari, Public Policy Co-Chair
Carol Cowles, Public Policy Co-Chair

Exciting Close to Equal Rights Action Day

equalpayrallyAfter a morning of meetings, inspiring speakers and marching, we set about as citizens’ lobbyists to visit with legislators. We distributed copies of AAUW’s booklet, The Simple Truth, while requesting their support to close the gender pay gap. To our surprise, we learned of the convening Senate committee hearing. We attended and witnessed bill SB 144 Equal Pay Legislation pass out of committee. The bill will next move to the floor of the Senate for debate.

aauwequalpaypicsSB 144 requires the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to establish guidelines relating to gender pay equality. Once this bill becomes law, we women’s advocates will push for an amendment stipulating penalties to be applied to employers in violation.

Equal Pay Legislation is on the move in Missouri! What more fitting close to an exciting, productive day at the Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri.

While our AAUW sisters were in Jefferson City, Patti Jackowicz and Winnie Weinrich went to UMKC to help set up for an Equal Pay Day event on campus in the Miller Nichols Library. Each of the four participating sponsors met with students and explained their connection and commitment to fighting the gender pay gap. Of the 139 students who visited our booth, 110 of them signed up to receive more information about AAUW and the free student membership. We have since followed up with these new young contacts and look forward to them joining us soon!

Two Annual Events in 2015 Award Education Scholarships to Local Women and High School Senior Girls

REENTRY2015On April 11, 2015 the Kansas City InterBranch Council presented the annual Reentry Scholarship Award to six outstanding women who returned to the college classroom after an absence of five or more years. While all applicants were very worthy candidates, these six women best exemplified the courage and personal resolve to overcome significant barriers to pursue their academic, career and life goals.

2015 KC-IBC Reentry Award Recipients: Cyrillian Ayoola, Nursing, Penn Valley; Natalia Zanders, Sociology-Family Studies, UMKC; Jennifer Christine Clark, Social Work, Park University; and Susanne Johnson, Social Psychology, Park University; Toni Thornton Award Recipients: Aubrey Kent, Radiology, Blue River; and Johnique A. Jordan, Business Management, Park University/Longview Community College.

100HSGIRLS2015The annual 100 High School Girls celebration was held on Sunday, April 19, 2015 at the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center in Kansas City. This event sponsored by the AAUW-KC branch honored metro area senior girls who participated in an essay competition. Their submissions focused on academic goals, leadership experience, and volunteer work.

In attendance, along with the high school young ladies, were family members and friends, school representatives, and AAUW members.

These young women were recognized for their accomplishments and received certificates. The following girls received $1,000 scholarships to the college or university in which they are enrolled: Mi Dohn, East High School; Hannah Wilczewski, Southwest Early College Campus; and Shereese Brown, Ruskin High School.

The guest speaker was Dr. Marjorie Williams, a former superintendent of the Hickman Mills School District and a well-known educator – she gave an inspirational presentation about opportunities for young women as they attempt to reach their educational and life goals.


Special thanks to the 100 High School Girls committee for their dedication in making this annual event such a great success!