Public Policy Report

By Riva Capellari and Carol Cowles, Co-Chairs

This is a great time to become active in AAUW’s Public Policy agenda and choose an initiative to support! We invite you to join us for these upcoming events in support of women’s rights and make your voices heard:

• April 10, 2018 is our Equity Action Day in Jefferson City. For the second year, our state organization will subsidize a bus to travel with ease and at low cost. Mark your calendar and be on the lookout for more details.

• On April 12 we will join with the Women’s Center at UMKC to bring attention to Equal Pay Day. This is an excellent opportunity to recruit college students to AAUW.

Riva and Carol have been busy representing our Branch in the community. On January 6 Riva attended the second session of Gov101 and informative event sponsored by Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman moderated the event and emphasized the importance of working on the local government level to bring about changes and ways to participate in the August 7 primary. She informed us on the importance of tracking bills through the legislative process, getting to know and communicate with committee leaders, and attending and testifying in hearings. She encouraged us to participate in lobby days and continue to gather others and make noise! After a brief discussion on how bills are introduced (already 1,000 since December 1), there was a demonstration of a new website: a new tool to track and assess specific bills in targeted areas. You can receive updates and view voting records for each legislator by subject. Additionally, a panel of four women representing ACLU, Planned Parenthood, PROMO (Providing Equality for all Missourians) and Missouri State Representative Judy Morgan, discussed bills submitted for 2018 that are causing them concerns.