2017-2018 Officers/Event Committee Chairs

President Linda Berube

Program VPs Joanie Shores and Judith McGunegle

Membership VP Teri Wichman

Finance Chair Stephanie Holthaus

Finance Officer Jane Vincent

Public Policy Riva Capellari and Carol Cowles

Communications Sara Pedram

College/University Relations Patricia Jachowicz

Newsletter Editor Carrie Maidment

AAUW Funds Doretta Perna

Secretary Wanda Perkins

President-elect Ellen Johnson and Stefanie Hatfield

Immediate Past President Marian McClellan

Thorpe Menn Event Co-Chairs Carrie Maidment and Ellen Johnson

Thorpe Menn Reading Committee Chair Jane McClain

ReEntry Woman of the Year Chair Patti Jachowicz

Wagy Fund Chair Ellen Johnson

Cuisine Club Winnie Weinrich

Book Club Jane Hatch

Friday Forum Joanie Shores

KCKCC Liasion Janice McIntyre