Interest Groups

Cuisine Club

Meets the third Thursday of each month  l  Greater Kansas City restaurant  l  11:30 am

Cuisine Club is a gathering of AAUW members interested in exploring and sampling a variety of restaurants in the greater Kansas City area. All members welcome; reservations necessary.

Friday Forum

Meets the second and fourth Friday of each month  l  Waldo Library  l  10:00 am

Friday Forum is an informal discussion group on current affairs. Participants bring articles of interest that will stimulate discussion. All members welcome; no reservations necessary.

Fourth Tuesday Book Club

Meets the fourth Tuesday of each month  l  Waldo Library  l  6:00 pm

Group participants select a fiction or non-fiction book for each month of the year. Generally the member who selects the book will lead the discussion; occasionally a special guest is invited to lead the discussion. Members and non-members are welcome; no reservations necessary.

Please see our Calendar for upcoming event details.